About us

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The 2020 Public Services Trust (2020 PST) is a new independent think tank and registered charity, based at the RSA.  The Trust exists to stimulate deeper understanding of the challenges facing public services in the medium term.  Through research, inquiry and discourse, it aims to develop rigorous and practical solutions, capable of sustaining support across all political parties.

2020 PST brings together policy makers, politicians, public service managers, civil servants, business and third sector leaders, and consumer voices, to debate and research how to improve public outcomes.  It occupies a unique role as no other organisation focuses on the role and transformation of public services in Britain.

The 2020 PST is not aligned with any political party and operates with independence and impartiality.  Ben Lucas is the Director and Lord Geoffrey Filkin is the Chair. Its other trustees, dawn from academia, business, policy makers and all three parties are Sir Michael Bichard, Margot James, Councillor Merrick Cockell, Lord Richard Best, Hilary Thompson, Lord Robert Gavron, Professor Gerry Stoker, Lord Archie Kirkwood, Rod Schwartz and Alastair Dick (Honorary Treasurer).

The Trust has two main and related activities:

1.     A unique Seminar Series on issues for public services, where practitioners, policy makers and influencers debate key issues in public services; and

2.     A major new Commission on 2020 Public Services, chaired by Sir Andrew Foster, to recommend the characteristics of a new public services settlement appropriate for the future needs and aspirations of citizens, and the best practical arrangements for its implementation.

Annual Report

The 2020 Public Services Trust has produced its first Annual Report for the year ending 31 March 2009.

We have made great progress and built a small organisation of talented staff to support the Commission, based at our partner organisation, the RSA. We have secured the neccessary to support the Commission over its life and we are grateful to the many organisations, trusts and companies who have been so supportive of our work. We thank all of them and our trustees for what we have been able to build so far. Now we are all well placed to contribute to critical public debates about the role, focus and form of public services. Our challenge is to make a powerful and respected contribution.

Download the full Annual Report for 2009 as a PDF